How To Clean Your Back In The Shower


Taking a shower is one of the best ways to cleanse your body and relieve stress. However, some shower tasks can be more daunting than others like cleaning your back. You know how tricky this can be but it’s the best way to keep your back’s skin moisturized, smooth, and acne-free. Here you will learn how to properly clean your back using the right tools so your skin can be as healthy as possible!

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Washing Your Back

Consider taking warm showers and not hot showers.

Hot showers tend to dry your skin and strip its natural oils. Taking a warm shower can help keep your back well moisturized and hydrated.

Put your favorite cleanser on a silicone back scrubber.

how to use a back scrubber

To start, wet your back scrubber and apply a generous amount of cleanser. This can be a body wash or bar soap. Rub the bristles together until a nice lather forms.

Then, hold the scrubber catty-cornered across your back. One hand should be above one of your shoulders and the other near the bottom end of your back. Scrub in a bobbing motion.

After, switch sides to thoroughly clean both sides of your upper back.

Scrub your lower back

Follow the same process as before but this time wrap the back scrubber around your lower back.

Firmly gripping the handles, move in an almost punching motion. You can also slide the scrubber up and down while doing the punching motion to cover more ground.

Rinse your back

Residue from cleansers can dry out your skin. So, thoroughly rinse your back and remove all of the cleansers.

Moisturize your back

Rub your preferred body lotion all over your lower and upper back. It’s actually better if your skin is still a little damp as it will help you retain moisture.

This will help prevent your skin from getting flakey and dry.

Three Ways To Exfoliate Your Back

Consider using a back cleaning brush.

It’s important to exfoliate your back’s dead skin. It will help cell turnover, keeping the healthiest cells at the surface.

Using the back brush, gently scrub in a circular motion all over your back. However, this can take some time and maneuvering if you aren’t very limber.

Use an exfoliating body scrub

Quality body scrubs contain granular pieces of sugar or salt that remove and exfoliate the skin. This helps keep your pores clear.

You can use a silicone body scrubber to apply body scrub to your back.

Utilize an exfoliating back scrubber

If you are having a hard time cleansing your back because it’s hard to reach, an exfoliating back scrubber is your best bet.

Its long shape and double-sided bristles allow you to easily cleanse and exfoliate your back at the same time!

Take the band’s handles in each hand, bring it over your head like a pendulum, and run it down.

Final Words

Most people only focus on cleaning their face and parts of the body they can reach. Meanwhile, the back gets forgotten, clogging pores and causing acne.

However, with the right tools and cleansing technique, your back’s skin can be healthy too!

What’s is your favorite back exfoliator?

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